Grounds for Divorce

What is a no-fault divorce? To obtain a divorce on this basis (irretrievably broken), one party must establish that he or she refuses to live with the other spouse and that there is no hope of reconciliation. It is not necessary for both parties to agree the marriage is irretrievably...
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New Court Fees Take Effect May 2010

Filing fees for civil cases were increased significantly throughout the State in May of 2010. In general, the filing fees were increased by $125.00. Sheriff service fees were increased from $25 per service to $50 per service. Courts in different counties have their own set amount. We have included the...
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Navigating Family Change Parenting Seminar

The Navigating Family Change Parenting Seminar is a four-hour educational seminar required of all parties in divorce, separate maintenance, paternity, change of custody, visitation, legitimation, and other domestic relations actions. The seminar focuses on the developmental needs of children, with emphasis on fostering the child’s emotional health during periods of...
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