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Affordable Uncontested Divorce

Divorce can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be expensive.  If your and your spouse can agree on all terms for your divorce, e.q. division of property and debt, and custody, visitation and child support, you can file an uncontested divorce.  We can draft your documents and appear in court for you for a reasonable rate.  Usually within 45 days of the filing of the divorce.


Don’t trust your divorce to paralegals, on-line forms and generic document generation companies.  Even with uncontested divorces there may be unique issues pertaining to your divorce.  Also, if your documents are not done correctly your divorce will be delayed.  We are a law providing professional legal services at affordable rates.   Call us today free a free consultation.

Divorce FAQs

What is an uncontested divorce?

With an uncontested divorce, both parties agree tot he terms of their divorce before the action is filed.

What documents are included?

Typical divorce documents include:

  • Summons, Petition and Verification for Divorce;
  • Settlement Agreement;
  • Acknowledgment of Service, Consent to Jurisdiction and Venue, and Consent to Present Case;
  • Child Support Worksheet;
  • Child Support Addendum;
  • Parenting Plan;
  • Report of Divorce, Annulment or Dissolution of Marriage;
  • Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit;
  • Domestic Relations Case Filing Information Form; and
  • Domestic Relations Case Final Disposition Information Form

What are typical court costs?

Filing fees for filing for divorce range from $205.00 to $223.00, depending on your county.  If your court requires parties with children to attend the Divorcing Parents Seminar, that cost is usually between $25 to $40, also depending on the county.

What if my spouse refuses to sign the documents?

Unfortunately, even when there are little to no issues to fight over, some spouses will refuse to cooperate and sign the divorce documents.  At that point your divorce is considered “contested” and additional legal fees and costs will be required.

We offer two types of affordable uncontested divorces:


  • choose your divorce

  • pro se divorce no kids

  • $350

  • pro se divorce with kids

  • $500

  • pro se divorce missing spouse

  • $500

  • attorney representation

  • $750


You can proceed with your case PRO SE, and represent yourself in court. We will prepare the documents you need to get your divorce, and give you detailed instructions on how to proceed. You will file the documents in court, and appear before the court pro se to finalize your divorce. We will be available throughout your divorce for consultation until the end.

Pro Se Divorces without children are $350.00; with children $500.00; missing spouse $500.00 plus filing fee.


We will prepare your paperwork, file your divorce, AND appear with you in court to finalize your divorce. With an attorney representing you, the divorce usually completed within 31 to 45 days after filing.

Attorney Representation Divorces with or without children are $750.00 plus filing fee.

Start my divorce online or call our office at (404) 872-0099 for a free consultation.

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